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Customer Success Story
Welcome to Enterprise Browser Pte Ltd. Enterprise Browser Pte Ltd is a Software Company based in Singapore. We specialize in development of a new breed of java based, enterprise based software product, Enterprise Browser Business Operation Management System (EPB System), that focuses in the corporate business application system domain, with targeted customers in global SME. We have extensive experience in the business domains of Sales Distribution, Retail, Finance and Account, Manufacturing and Logistic (especially in Marine Logistic). Our latest integrated enterprise business solution, the epBrowser is available from 2009 to fulfill the competitive requirement from our potential customer.
EPB Sales Distribution
Sales Distribution in EPB provides the general functions that support operations and processes in trading businesses and simple credit sales businesses with inventory management.
EPB Retail Management
Retail Management in EPB support most retail trade in terms of operations and functions at the retail stores with POS stations. It can be setup as an on-line or off-line operation mode with option for centralizes system update.
EPB Manufacturing
EPB Manufacturing system support process based discrete manufacturing system requirement with the ability to support multiple locations and cross boundary operations.
EPB 3PL (Third Party Logistics)
EPB 3PL provides streamline operations support for 3PL businesses with multiple Vendors and their Customers and Suppliers in a web of supply chain operations on a common platform. It is the core of the supply chain operations and provides the vital integration and support to the people and processes that connected to it.